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gonna Hulk out on you。

You Should Have Lied 1/1

Title: You Should Have Lied
Author: pada_something
Pairing: very subliminal Padackles, but Jared/Sandy and Jensen/Danneel
Genre: Drama, I guess, some angst
Rated: PG, but again, not sure
Disclaimer: only them own their selves. Unfortunately.
Beta-readers: fucking_bibs and daydreaminchic, <3 for both
Warnings: subliminal!Padackles is subliminal. And angst. Not tons of. It’s a short fic.
Feedback: is always appreciated and loved.

"You see, he had lied to her. She told me about the pain she had felt in her chest when she realized he really had lied to her, and that it hurt so much because she loved him with all her bones. It was the worst thing in the world, she said to me, because he had proposed her. They were about to get married. He… He had said forever, but he lied."
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